During these surreal and trying times, art can help elevate our mindset and bring some serenity to our lives. I'm offering this free piece of art that you can print on your own and pop into a frame you may have lying around. Just a little gift in an effort to lift us up. I know art is helping me get through this lockdown and hang on to my sanity—I hope you find the same results!

Print this piece of art on your home printer (or send to a print house), slip it into a frame and voilá, a beautiful addition to your elegant home.

Here are some tips when framing your art. Even if you have to use your home printer with copy paper, this print can still make an impact. Use a frame with a mat to add a polished finish. A small piece of art can make a bigger statement with a 2" or more margin or by using a mat. You can scale the art slightly up or down from its original 10"x10" dimensions, depending on your printer's specs, to add in a margin on the page.

Don't have a frame lying around? Simply pin the page to a cork board, throw it into a clipboard, or even tape it (or use spray adhesive if you're crafty!) to a piece of cardboard recycled from a shipping box and lean it on a shelf! Be creative, you'll be surprised how this little addition will make a difference.

With so much love. Stay safe and healthy. 

IMPORTANT USAGE INFORMATION: Art files are for your sole personal use as art for your home. The artwork is not allowed to be repurposed, copied, extracted, modified, altered, sold, or used in any other way for any other use.