What is the Gallerie 108 Crate?

The Crate is an abstract art and sculpture subscription box delivered on the last month of every quarter (March, June, September, and December). In it you’ll find a curated selection of one to three pieces of abstract art, sculpture, and objects.


What is a crate subscription?

Gallerie 108 offers two types, a quarterly membership and a yearly membership.

When you subscribe to a quarterly Crate membership, you will receive a Crate every three months (March, June, September, and December). Your first Crate will be charged at the time of purchase and after that you will automatically be charged on the 8th of the quarter's billing month for the following Crate. Billing months are the first month of each quarter (January, April, July, and October). You can skip a shipment or cancel your membership before the 5th of the next quarter's billing month.


Am I able to choose what goes in my box?

Currently our business model is to Surprise and Delight our subscribers. I can assure you that every piece that is selected for the box is a beautiful and expressive piece of abstract art that will add a touch of intention and style to your space. To get a feel for the style of Gallerie 108, check out our instagram @gallerie_108!


What kind of art prints are in the box?

The art style is abstract and they are printed on either 400 gsm - 18 mil canvas that is gallery wrapped with 1.5” deep stretcher bars and black edges or 290 gsm - 21.5 mil archival fine art paper and inks and may or may not come framed. Depending on the dimensions, unframed art will be shipped either rolled or flat. All of my work uses archival quality inks and substrates, is signed and numbered, and will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. To get a feel for the style of Gallerie 108, check out our instagram @gallerie_108!


What kind of sculpture will be in the box?

The style of sculpture is primarily abstract in nature. I have forms that are mounted on a block, some that are self standing or hung on a stand, and some can be hung or installed on a wall. Some have functional uses as well as being a beautiful piece of art, as in the case of a candle holder, vase, or bowl. The materials used to create these abstract sculptures include ceramic, hydrostone, paper clay, metal alloys, sterling silver, fiber, wood, etc. To get a feel for the style of Gallerie 108, check out our instagram @gallerie_108!


What do you mean by objects?

Objects include any number of handmade items including candles, notecards, cutting boards, diffusers, coasters, journals, the list goes on and on. To get a feel for the style of Gallerie 108, check out our instagram @gallerie_108!


How big is the Crate?

Currently the Crate is 12" x 12" x 4". The size of the Crate may change periodically to better accommodate that month's collection.


Can I return items in my Crate?

Due to the fact that each item is made exclusively for you upon ordering, Gallerie 108 cannot offer returns or exchanges. Each purchase is final and nonrefundable and we do not accept returns or exchanges. Any returns that are sent back to us are not eligible for a refund.

If an item you received is damaged we will work with you to fix the problem and replace the item. Please include photos of the damages in an email to support@gallerie108.com within 2 weeks of receiving your Crate and we will arrange for the return of the damaged item.


Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely, you can cancel anytime. For quarterly memberships, make sure to cancel before the next billing date, which is on the 8th of the first month of each quarter (January, April, July, and October). For yearly memberships, please make sure to cancel before your anniversary date. If you cancel before the end of your subscription term, you will enjoy the Crates until your subscription term is complete.


Can I skip a month?

Absolutely. You will not be charged for your next Crate as long as you skip it prior to the 8th of the billing month for that quarter. For example, if it's January 1st, you would have to skip before January 8th in order to skip the Q1 Crate. If you skip after January 8th, you will receive the Crate in March, but skip the next one that ships in June.


What do I do with all the art?

There are so many places that benefit from a piece of art or sculpture. Having vignettes around your space provides glimpses into your story that spark a feeling every time they come into view. Apart from the well known spots that typically showcase our collections, like the mantle in the living or family room, the dining room of course, and above the headboard in the bedroom, let’s explore some typically overlooked areas that are a perfect stage for continuing your stories. The bathroom—sometimes forgotten, but it’s a prime piece of real estate when it comes to a captured audience ;) Also, hallways are great for a potential gallery walls, meaning you can place several pieces of art together to form a grid or layout that really makes a statement. Gallery walls can work anywhere you have some space. Also, let’s think of some ignored areas, like a mud room or laundry room. The laundry room has some lingerers engaged in other tasks that may appreciate a beautiful piece of art to become absorbed in, right? Take a look around your home and I'm sure you will discover 5 or 6 places that a painting can find a home.

Also, these items make wonderful gifts! It’s nice to have a few pieces around for an unexpected event, a beautiful not-to-be-forgotten hostess gift for a special friend or family member, or plan for a crate or two to take care of some birthday gifts you know are coming up. Perfect!


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